The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.

Let me tell you something about myself

I’ve always found it limiting to define oneself with a single description: why settle for just one label when you can enjoy being different people at different times?

I prefer to describe myself through the three fundamental and essential values that I believe in:


Taking a step forward every day is an obsession of mine, and it is the criterion by which I assess the positivity of my day and by which I evaluate myself.

For me, there are no miracles, only study, work, and application to end each of my days a step ahead of where it started.


I like to experiment and be a step ahead. I am not afraid of making mistakes; in fact, I consider them a useful tool to define the direction of my future choices.

New things bring fresh, vibrant, and positive air, and they often provide the solution to differentiate oneself from what already exists.


Being free means everything to me. Free to decide, create, move, learn, make mistakes, change my mind. Free to think without boundaries, whether they are territorial, physical, or mental.

My freedom is fully expressed in my activities as an Independent Entrepreneur, atypical Digital Nomad, and Sports Trader driven by passion, challenge, and courage.

My Activities


Being an entrepreneur satisfies my eternal need to grow and build something for both individual and collective good, also fulfilling my strong propensity for risk-taking and my search for challenges and competition. For me, entrepreneurship is about assembling a puzzle, seeking something new that can create value in the market and for society.


For the past 8 years, I have been residing in Slovenia, where I became a Digital Nomad long before it became a recent trend. This lifestyle satisfies my eternal need for freedom and the desire to set no boundaries, whether territorial or mental. New York, Toronto, Barcelona, London… I work everywhere and enjoy the beauty of the world.


A journey that began over 20 years ago, combining my great passion for football with my interest in the world of financial investments; all while satisfying my continuous quest for impossible challenges and growth—financial, methodological, and mental. For the past 6 years, it has been a full-fledged profession, and in recent years, it has become my main activity.

Companies and Projects

EDR: From Experience to Book

The EDR project, of which I am the Founder, became a publication last September.

Discover all the details:

the story of the creation of this book, and what you will find inside!

Available on Amazon in both digital and print formats!